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mrdixon [userpic]
by mrdixon (mrdixon)
at February 22nd, 2010 (02:18 pm)

Opening night of the E.o.1.a.  Meeting with the boss scheduled for 2:30 to discuss the future plans for the Drama department and interdepartmental curricular work.  Arrive on time, what a relief.  first block brilliant.  great kids.  2nd block, trying to clean the workshop and teach the kids ownership.  Recieve a great email congratulating them on taking ownership.  One special ed kid trying hard to put away paint spills 1/2 gal of white on workshop floor.  In his rush to make it right, and not throw up because he is so upset, he runs around the room, then out into the auditorium, without checking his shoes!  White footprints all through the carpeted auditorium.  Teach him how to clean latex paint out of carpet...amount of rehearsal done today?  How would I know?

3rd block, get phone call from Erin, pianist decided he cannot do justice to this script, so we are hoping on a recorded version of the music.  Not what I wanted, but it will do...just one more thing. 

Meeting with boss postponed till tomorrow at 2:30, due to problems at the board office.  With the state looking at a one Billion dollar deficit, I am looking at a Mr. Hollands Opus ending. 

End of the day, a wonderful young actress comes to me and says "Mr. Dixon, what dress am I supposed to wear for the Can Can...it's really stressing me out!"  Really!  Really!  STRESS!!!!!  Oh, I know how the angel ended up on top of the Christmas tree!