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mrdixon [userpic]
a list
by mrdixon (mrdixon)
at February 6th, 2010 (09:42 am)

My Friday...

First student to land a professional acting gig...Georgia Ren faire hired my fairy!!! hoot!!

Rains have been intense, theater floor flooded, looks like back fill is washing away and eventually the front rows will collapse into a sinkhole.

Student director sent blanket text to cast saying "rehearse if you want...I'm done!" That's uplifting. Had to correct her, not easy discussion.

Got a call from my daughter, pissed! Seems the woman from our cross town rival( the one who walked out on the Miss Haralson County Scholarship dress rehearsal)Has advertised that her school is holding the "first" Miss Haralson County pageant! I am shocked once more. How can anyone be so petty, immature and call themselves a Christian? We have a business checking account under that name, but no DBA, soooo.

Erin called MAO Georgia, MAO Michigan, and all the board. Since we were going to expand the pageant to include two other counties anyway, change the name to Miss Northwest Georgia, send in paperwork, Get approval of MAO Georgia, Look at clock and realize it's not yet 4 pm, curtain at 7.

Text Miss Haralson County, who attends school with "that woman" as a teacher. (by the way, since winning our pageant, she has gotten NO parts in her school plays...coincidence? I think not. Calm her down. Not re-crowning, but allowing her to compete in new pageant next year. We will then be a true MAO prelim, and winner will go to Miss Georgia. What have I done???

Suck up water in theater, realize electric lines run into floor are under water. Call maintenance. They tape over outlet after we suck up the water, Caution tape off 1/4 of the theater seats.

Former student comes in before show, very depressed. Didn't get in at GARF, counsel her. Run Joseph rehearsal and explain once more, if we don't sell tickets, we don't do theater. Current show averaging 70 people per night (that ain't it kids!) Losing money is not my way.

Daughter is so upset she is barking at Joseph cast. Deep breaths!! She goes home to cuddle on hubby, who is looking at redeployment. Got news my niece is pregnant! A little depressing to daughter who has been trying, and losing. 5 miscarried. Ouch.

Charlie Brown is good, not great. Kids can't match pitch, average theater goer does not notice. I let the students run entire show. That is a challenge. After show, I find out tech crew really screwed up, no booth for Lucy in psychiatric help scene (5 cents please). Other mistakes, student directer reams out her crew, but does so in the privacy of the booth. Good choice. I call for places in 15 minutes for next show. Look at crowd and two main characters from next show are in audience being congratulated on CB. Good Grief!!

Go backstage and find the director (who said she was done) is changing blocking!!! On the second night of the show she is changing blocking...and sets...and lights. That should have been done weeks ago. Her cast is livid. I calm them down. Show is better with changes. Young directors learn...amazing.

After show give speech to three students about walking through a closed curtain. Hug fairy who cannot contain her joy at being a "professional" and treats me like a wise old sage. Walk away from freshman who wants her costume now for a show that opens in 4 weeks, and realize her mother is following me backstage with tears in her eyes...oh?

Go into workshop for privacy and hear "Do you think it's right to pick on my daughter about her face while she is singing?" Oh, Crap! The very talented and outwardly tough young lady who is playing the Narrator, isn't as tough as she acts. I explain, a true actor, whether singing, dancing or speaking, is aware of every movement, every nuance, every expression they make at all times on stage. Catherine tends to make a "disdain" face. turns up her nose and looks like bevis and butthead when she is either not paying attention, or wants to show she does not like something. I cannot have that on my Narrator for Joseph!! I thought cajoling her would do the trick, and it did make her aware of it. She is better, and beautiful. I hate seeing a pretty girl looking like something smells bad all the time.

Agree to work with Cat more closely and be careful about public comments. point out that I make all my kids think "face" on stage all through rehearsal. Cat finds out Mom is talking to me, and looks appalled! Mom is great person, worried about her daughter and willing to speak to me face to face. Not to often in the south have I met great parenting like that.

Went home, poured scotch, went to bed...I have a headache!

Good Grief,